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Hello Dear

My real name is Alexander Samuel Clifton but everyone knows me as Andy Pena. I’m graduated with a degree in the subject of Multimedia and a master degree in Computer Engineering From KLMU University. I’m doing photography for some part of my time and I have had experience with photography since I was a college student, actually, I’m a Portrait, Maternity and  Wedding Photographer based in Jakarta – Depok.

Bank BCA Account: 2040518871

Bank Mandiri Account: 1570007797393

My Gmail: cliftonsamuel.pena@gmail.com

Identity Card Number (KTP): 6471032708810002

Thank you for taking the time to look at my portrait photography works. I hope you can see from my images that I love what I do – which is all about the unique combination of the craft and the people. People like you who appreciate the value of great photography.

I think you should know a few things about the person you hire to tell the
story of your wedding day or portrait picture. So I’ll start by telling you that I am creative, passionate about:
what I do, and an all round lover of life and people. I have more hobbies than I have time to do them and they include travel, crafting, playing guitar classic (though I’m not as good as I’d like to be!)  😀

I have been doing professional photography for ten years and  I predominantly work in Jakarta – Depok.
Wedding portraits are amazing celebrations where everybody who cares about you come together as one. Weddings are fun, emotional, creative and full of laughter and my role is to tell the story of the day as it unfolds, in the moment, as it happens.

Good wedding photography is emotionally powerful. When you look at the images of your
wedding you shouldn’t just be reminded of how you looked you should be transported back
to exactly how you felt at that moment in time. That is what good wedding photography

I am very lucky to earn a living doing something I love. My love for it obviously shines
through my work.

When we meet I’ll want to know all about you, Because it helps me to create something stunning so be free and relax to talk with me. But to trust me to do that you might feel you
need to know more about me so here are some random facts.

I love my family, because they are the first value that I have.
I speak three languages
I love traveling (it’s my biggest passion after photography)
Sometimes I talk too much!
I can’t live without coffee, seriously
My guilty pleasure is black chocolate. I’m addicted!
I like playing classic guitar.

                   Thanks 🙂